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Happy Feets Package
  • Foot soak, with or w/o essential oil.
  • Exfoliation of calfves and feet.
  • Nail and calluses buffing for soft feet.
  • Foot and calf massage and/or Reflexology.
  • Plus a choice of 1 extra treatment.

List of extra treatments to choose from:
  • Pressotherapy (30 minutes)
  • These large boots offer a relaxing mechanical lymphatic leg massage, great for those who routinely sit or stand for long periods without walking!

  • Deep Tissue Massage with Solemate Machine for Feet & Calves (30 minutes)
  • This machine uses roller pressure, vibration and heat to provide you with the perfect deep tissue massage that will have your tired muscles feeling like jelly!

  • Paraffin Treatment (30 minutes)
  • Do you often experience dry or cold feet? This treatment will leave your feet feeling warm and smooth, and is great for those who may be suffering from arthritis!

  • Mask for feet using Mud from the Dead Sea
  • The high concentration of salt and other minerals create a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on your feet! it's very good for the skin!

regular price:
139$ for 1 person
209$ for 2 persons
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